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Rules of Application for the Mashup Awards 7

Rules of Application for the Mashup Awards 7

1.        Outline of the Award

The Mashup Awards 7 (“Award”) is a web application development contest, which the Mashup Awards Executive Committee (“Executive Committee”) holds to collect innovative ideas from among the world for the purpose of development of a new sector for future information services and website contents.  

In order to attain such purpose, the Executive Committee offers to those who have their own knowledge and skills to design and develop information services, which generally utilize web services, and have ideas of new information services, an opportunity to apply for the Award by submitting applications or web content developed by using the web service API, execution environment platform, libraries, content, and others that are designated as the subjects of the Award (“Subject Award Application APIs”), as works for the Award, in accordance with these Rules of Application for Mashup Awards 7 (“Award Rules”). Applicants whose works are recognized as excellent as a result of screening in accordance with the Award Rules will be awarded with monetary and non-monetary prizes by the Executive Committee.      

2.        Eligibility of Applicants

There is no restriction on applicants for the Award (“Applicant(s)” including individuals, groups, or corporations) regarding nationality, age, place of residence, or others, but Applicants are required to have access to the Internet and have an effective e-mail address, and to be able to provide their own information for registration and application, and to communicate with the Executive Committee, in Japanese or English.

3.        Application Procedure

The Award starts on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 and ends on Monday, November 7, 2011, Japan time (hereinafter, dates and times are Japan time)   (“Award Period”). In order to apply for the Award, Applicants are required to access http://mashupaward.jp/ and fill out the online registration form for membership registration during the Award Period.


4.        Submission of Works

Each Applicant is required to develop an application or web content, utilizing one or more of the Subject Award Application APIs, in the development environment or execution environment created by such Applicant, and submit it in an online application form on http://mashupaward.jp/ no later than Monday, November 7, 2011, 11:59 p.m.

Note 1:        Please be advised that all of submitted works will be publicly disclosed.

Note 2:        Any Applicant who will submit a single application without using the online application form of the website is required to set up a website to post the description of the service, downloading procedure, and others, in order to apply for the Awards.


5.        Screening

All works submitted to the Award are examined fairly and objectively by the screening members of the Examination Committee in accordance with the following criteria, and prize winners are awarded with monetary and non-monetary prizes according to their screening results:

“Idea”        Originality, novelty, excellent aim, and potential for expansion

“Completeness”         Practicality, usability, and entertaining

“Design”        Artistic quality and excellent expression techniques

The decision of the Screening Committee in the screening is final and binding. Details of the screening result of each work submitted for the Award are not publicly announced. Prize winners will receive notice by e-mail or telephone from the Execution Committee.

6.        Monetary and other prizes

First Prize (Grandprix)        1,000,000 yen (1 work)

Second Prize (Finalists)        100,000 yen (4 works)

Theme Prize        50,000 yen (12 works)

API Partner Awards        Non-monetary prize awarded

Media Sponsor Awards        Non-monetary prize awarded

PowerApps JAPAN Award        Non-monetary prize awarded

MUP 48 Award        Non-monetary prize awarded

MA7 Supporter Awards        Non-monetary prize awarded

Note:        In case of no appropriate work for any prize, such prize will not be awarded.

If the monetary and non-monetary prizes are subject to taxation, prize winners are solely responsible for payment of tax.

7.        General Terms

7.1        The Executive Committee reserves the right to replace non-monetary prizes listed in the Outline of the Mashup Awards 7 posted on http://mashuipaward.jp/ for other articles.

7.2        Upon filing an application form for the Award, Applicants are deemed to have agreed to the Award Rules, other rules on applications or web content that are developed by using the Subject Award Application APIs, and decisions of the Executive Committee. The Award Rules and decisions of the Executive Committee are final and binding upon Applicants regarding any and all matters related to the Award.

7.3        If any monetary prize, non-monetary prize, or notice to prize winners is returned to the Executive Committee because of an unknown address, or if any prize winner does not accept the prize within five (5) days after the notice is first sent to the prize winner, then such prize winner may lose the prize, and another Applicant may be awarded with the prize.  

7.4        If any intellectual property right exists in programming code contained in a work submitted by any Applicant, such intellectual property right, except the rights to the Subject Award Application APIs, will be continuously vested in such Applicant.

7.5        Applicants agree that the Award is conditional on that the Executive Committee has the right to publicly announce submitted works in connection with the implementation, operation, or management of the Award, or public relations activity or sales promotion activity. Such right of the Executive Committee includes, without limitation, the right to publicly display screenshots, animations, and videos for the purpose of public relation and promotion activities. Notwithstanding the provision of this subsection, ownership of and any and all intellectual property rights to codes included in the submitted works, except the rights to the Subject Award Application APIs, will be continuously vested in the applicant.  

7.6        By applying for the Award, Applicants will be deemed to have agreed that the Executive Committee and its agency may use the names and/or likenesses, or corporate names of Applicants, and submitted works, for public relation and promotion activities, to the maximum extent permitted by law, without additional compensation.

7.7        Applicants and prize winners agree to hold the Executive Committee and its members including corporations and their directors, officers, employees, and assignees harmless from any injury or damage arising, or allegedly arising, out of application for the Award or acceptance of the monetary prize or non-monetary prize, to the maximum extent permitted by law, except the case of fatal accident or bodily injury caused by gross negligence of the Executive Committee.  

7.8        The Executive Committee is not liable for any printing error including misprints and other errors in printed materials for the proposal, operation of the Award, or announcement of prize winners.

7.9        If the Executive Committee reasonably determines at its sole discretion that any Applicant is trying to interfere with the proper operation of the Award through fraudulent, false, or other unfair acts, or unpleasant acts, abusive words, threatening, or harassment against other Applicants, the Executive Committee, or its agency, such Applicant may be expelled from the Award.

7.10        If any prize winner is prohibited, or the employer of any prize winner prohibits employees from receiving any prize in accordance with their internal rules, such prize winner will lose the prize, and another Applicant will be awarded with such prize.        

8.        Waiver of Right to Institute Legal Proceedings

All Applicants agree to waive their rights to bring actions, seek remedies, or institute legal or other proceedings, if any dispute or complaint arises out of or in connection with the Award, and hereby specifically waive any and all such rights.  

9.        Governing Law

The Award Rules will be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

10.        Jurisdiction

With regard to any dispute in connection with the Award Rules, Applicants agree to submit the dispute to the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

11.        Privacy

11.1        Each Applicant agrees that his/her personal information may be processed, stored, or used for:

▪        The Award;

▪        Matters related to the Award, and any purpose which is additionally provided for in the Award Rules; and

▪        Sending latest information and questionnaires to Applicants from the Executive Committee or co-sponsors (listed on http://mashupaward.jp/).


The Executive committee may also use personal information for identifying Applicants, confirming their mailing addresses and telephone numbers, or verifying their eligibility to apply for the Award.

11.2        A leader of a team will assure that the leader has obtained consent of all members who are listed in the application form as a member of the team. Each Applicant has the right to access his/her personal information held by the Executive Committee by requesting any of the co-sponsors listed on http://mashupaward.jp/  in writing. No prize will be awarded to any Applicant who does not provide personal information.

12.        Announcement of Prize Winners

The Executive Committee may publicly announce the names and/or corporate names of prize winners on its website.

13.        Posting of Frequently Asked Questions

The Executive Committee may post questions from Applicants about the Award and answers to such questions on its website as FAQ for smooth operation of the Award, taking into consideration privacy of Applicants who ask questions.

14.        Warranty

14.1        Each Applicant warrants that the work submitted by such Applicant is his/her original one and the Applicant is the sole and exclusive owner and right holder thereof and, if the Applicant is not the sole and exclusive owner of the work, warrants that the Applicant has the right to submit the work and to grant the rights set forth in the Award Rules to the Executive Committee. Applicants agree not to submit any work which:

(1)        infringes on any proprietary right, moral right, or other rights of a third party (including without limitation, copyrights and other intellectual property rights; “Proprietary Rights”); or

(2)        violates any law.

14.2        If the Proprietary Rights to the work developed by Applicant are vested in any person other than the Applicant, such Applicant is liable for obtaining approval of the rights owner of the Proprietary Rights for application for the Award.

14.3        If Applicant applies for the Award as an individual, such Applicant may not submit any work for which such Applicant has received research funds or similar funds from the company, university, or educational or academic research institution. Each Applicant agrees that he/she will indemnify and at all times hold the Executive Committee harmless, to the maximum extent permitted by law, from and against any and all liabilities, actions, claims, losses, costs and expenses asserted or threatened to be asserted against the Executive Committee, arising out of, in connection with, or incidental to any act or omission, or default on any warranty set forth in the Award Rules by such Applicant.

15.        Exclusion from Screening

If any information submitted by Applicant, including the address, name, telephone number, or existence of violation of the Award Rules, includes false information, eligibility of such Applicant may be cancelled by the Executive Committee at its discretion. In addition, the Executive Committee reserves the right to disqualify any submitted work, if it determines at its sole discretion that the submitted work infringes on any third party right, or does not comply with the Award Rules.

16.        Internet

The Executive Committee is not liable for failure, interruption, deletion, defect, or delay of operation or transmission due to any electronic transmission error. In addition, the Executive Committee is not liable for robbery, destruction, unauthorized access, or alteration of a submitted work, or abnormality of or restrictions on technology, network, telephone set, electronic component, computer, hardware, or software. The Executive Committee is not liable if any information for application that must be delivered to the Executive Committee is not properly transmitted to or received by the Executive Committee, due to any technical problem, traffic congestion of Internet or websites, or a mixture of such reasons, except in the case of fatal accident or bodily injury caused by gross negligence of the Executive Committee. If a component of a program necessary for using the Internet does not work as scheduled due to computer virus infection, bugs, alterations, hacking, fraudulent acts, technical trouble, or other reasons that prevent or affect proper management, security, fairness, consistency, or proper operation of the Award, the Executive Committee reserves the right to suspend, terminate, change, or postpone the Award at its sole discretion. In such event, the Executive Committee reserves the right to select prize winners from among eligible Applicants as of the end of the Award Period.  

Note:        Any act of Applicant to intentionally attempt to cause damage to the website, or to prevent proper operation of the Award may be an illegal act under the Penal and Civil Codes. If any Applicant attempts such act, the Executive Committee will be entitled to claim damages against such Applicant to the maximum extent permitted by law.  

17.        Cooperative Companies

17.1        In addition to Recruit Co., Ltd., other cooperative companies (“Cooperative companies”) will join the Award and provide the Subject Award Application APIs.  

17.2        Information provided by Cooperative Companies and included in the Subject Award Application APIs (“Provided Information”) is controlled, managed, and provided at each Co-Sponsor’s responsibility. The Executive Committee makes no warranty with regard to the accuracy, appropriateness, legality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-existence of troubles on the Internet, and any and all other matters of the substance of Provided Information, and each Applicant is required to carefully read the rules of use, and then use Provided Information at his/her responsibility.

17.3        Applicants are required to inquire about details of Provided Information set forth in 17.2 directly to each Co-Sponsor who provides the relevant Provided Information. The Executive Committee is not involved in communications, negotiations, procedures, or any and all other matters between Cooperative Companies and Applicants with regard to Provided Information.

17.4        The Executive Committee is not liable for any trouble between Cooperative Companies and Applicants arising out of or in connection with Provided Information set forth in 17.2 and 17.3.

18.        Severability

If the whole or a part of any provision of these Award Rules is held to be invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions remain in effect and full force.

19.        Co-Sponsors

Co-sponsors of the Award are listed on http://mashupaward.jp/.

Update record:

Disclosed the Rules of Application for the Mashup Awards 7 on September 7, 2011.